We're finally back in stock and with new sizes! Get Snoozy Monk Bamboo Sheets while we still have them! Free Shipping in Canada and a 60 night sleeping trial.

An Insanely Soft and Breathable Sleep

100% Bamboo. Temperature regulating, breathable, and the softest sleep you'll ever have.

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The Perfect Gift. A Good Night's Sleep

An infograph displaying the benefits of the Snoozy Monk Bamboo Sheet Set in white.

Snoozy Monk 100% Bamboo Sheet Set

Get ready to lie down on the best sheets you've ever had. Hypoallergenic, moisture wicking, breathable, and insanely soft. Comes with a fitted sheet with 16" deep pockets, 2 pillow cases, and 1 flat sheet. 

Sheet Sets Size and Color
An infograph showcasing the benefits of the Snoozy Monk Duvet Cover Set in Silver Grey. Benefits include an envelope enclosure of the pillow shams, a high quality zipper enclosure, and ties on each interior corner to secure duvets from shifting.

Snoozy Monk 100% Bamboo Duvet Cover Set

Protect your expensive duvet, and cover yourself with bamboo for a better sleep at night. Hypoallergenic, moisture wicking, breathable, and insanely soft. Comes with a duvet cover with zipper enclosure and two pillow shams with a flange border.

Duvet Cover Sets Size and Color

Let's Put This to Bed. How is Bamboo Better Bedding?

A logo of air representing Bamboo Sheet Sets and Duvet Cover Sets are breathable due to moisture wicking properties.

More Breathable

A thermometer to represent temperature regulation of the bed sheets.

Temperature Regulating and Moisture Wicking

A waterdrop and checkmark to show antibacterial properties.

Hypoallergenic / Antibacterial

What Makes Snoozy Monk Better?

Bamboo sticks to show 100% bamboo

100% Rayon Bamboo - No Blends with Cheaper Materials and No Fakes.

Bamboo Sheet Sets and Duvet Cover Sets are known for their softness.

The Softest Sheets You'll Ever Have

60 Night Trial Policy and Free Shipping In Canada

Our Mission? Crafting a Perfect Night's Sleep For Canadians.

We've spent years researching and crafting the perfect sheets for Canada. We've been through microfibre, cotton, flannel, and satin. These didn't fix the core problems associated uncomfortable sleep. The sheets were either too stuffy, itchy, rough, and didn't sit well with our allergies. That is until, we found Bamboo. Find the perfect Bamboo Sheet Set or Bamboo Duvet Cover Set for you.

Why Choose Snoozy Monk?

A Canadian flag showing Snoozy Monk is a Canadian Company that specializes in bamboo bed sheets and bamboo duvet covers

Fast and Free Shipping In Canada

We ship right from Canada. Many other online shops ship from international countries, taking weeks to arrive. Any orders placed before 5PM EST are fulfilled the same day. By focusing on Canada, we can offer free and fast shipping to any Canadian.

Take Advantage of Our Free Shipping
Bedsheet made of Rayon Bamboo on a blue background with bamboo plants on the side

Other Bamboo Sheets Just Don't Make the Cut.

Other bamboo sheets sets have to blend their bamboo with other cheaper materials like polyester or microfiber so it can still be labeled as bamboo. Don't believe us? Look at their labels and product details for yourself. Snoozy Monk Sheets on the other hand are 100% Rayon Bamboo. No blends.

If You Sleep on Bamboo, You Deserve the Best
Canadian Bamboo Sheet Set and Bamboo Duvet Cover Set Box

The Best Quality at the Best Price.

If 100% bamboo is so expensive, how are we able to offer 100% bamboo bedding at such an affordable price? We sell direct to you, so no retail or middle-man markups. Our supply chain is lean and specifically tailored for bamboo sheets, so we can invest more in quality, not cutbacks. We guarantee it with our 60 night trial policy.

Try a Set and Start Sleeping Better

The Snoozy Monk Commitment

A logo truck indicating fast delivery of bamboo sheet sets and bamboo duvet cover sets within Canada

Fast Shipping within Canada. We fulfill all orders same day if placed before 5PM EST.

A Canadian Flag to indicate Snoozy Monk is a proudly Canadian Company

Proudly Canadian

A customer service agent logo, showcasing that Snoozy Monk is dedicated to customer service for all bamboo rayon sheet sets and duvet cover sets.

Dedicated Customer Service- Before, During, and After Purchase

A Tiffany Blue Snoozy Monk Bamboo Sheet Set or Duvet Cover Set. Bamboo Sheet Sets come with pillow cases, duvet cover sets come with bamboo pillow shams.

Snoozy Monk Bamboo Sheet Set

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A picture of a bed with a silver grey Canada Snoozy Monk Bamboo Rayon Duvet Cover

Snoozy Monk Bamboo Duvet Cover Set

View sizes and colours
Bamboo Rayon Sheet Set Pillow Cases and Shams

Insanely Soft. Like Sleeping on a Cloud.

Canada Bamboo Bed Sheet and Bamboo Duvet Cover Set

Cool, Yet Cozy For All Temperatures

Try Now for a Better Sleep
Canada Bamboo Sheet Sets and Duvet Cover Sets- Snoozy Monk provides unrivaled softness and quality.

Soft On Your Skin. Softer on the Environment.

Snoozy Monk Sheet Sets and Duvet Cover Sets

Testimonials From Real Customers

The coolness of the sheets is perfect for my summer cottage when it gets hot and humid.

Sheila R. - Kirkland Lake, Ontario

Softest sheets I've ever owned. Really helps with my allergies as well. (...) Appreciate the speedy delivery!

Amanda S - Vancouver, British Columbia

I'm not sweating and turning over as much as I used to trying to get sleep. I know the wife appreciates this!

Rick L - Mississauga, Ontario


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