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Bamboo Rayon Sheet Set

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Feel like you are being hugged by a cloud with the Snoozy Monk Bamboo Sheet set. Our bed sheets are made from sustainably-sourced Bamboo rayon fibres for an insanely soft and cooling sleep.

Trusted by thousands of Canadians, the Snoozy Monk bamboo fabric is known for being insanely soft, naturally hypoallergenic, and wicking away sweat moisture and heat. Perfect for hot sleepers, those with those with skin sensitivities/allergies, or anyone just looking to feel like they're sleeping on a cloud.

Snoozy Monk is committed to lean operations, and a specific focus on the best bamboo sheets. Since you aren't paying for marketing or mark-up costs, we're able to offer our insanely soft sheets for a not-so insane price.

We are so confident you'll love our sheets, we offer a 60 night trial policy with free returns. All bed sets will come with free shipping within Canada.

      Product Details

      Bamboo Sheet Set Details

      • 100% Premium Bamboo Rayon
      • Each set comes with 1 fitted sheet with deep fitted 16" pockets, 2 pillow cases with envelope enclosures, and 1 flat sheet.
      • Twin and Twin XL comes with one pillow case
      • Easy Care Instructions: Machine washable, tumble dry on low, no bleach.
      • Certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® (Cert.nr.: 15.HCN.65979 / Institute: Hohenstein)

        Thermal Regulating and Breathable - stay cool and comfortable during hot nights while feeling warm and cozy on cold nights.
        Hypoallergenic - Say "good night" to irritated skin as Snoozy Monk bamboo sheets are perfect for those with skin sensitivities, asthma, allergies, or lung problems. 
        Moisture Wicking - Bamboo bed sheets are ideal for hot sleepers - spend less time sweating, more time snoozing. Our 100% bamboo fibre is resistant to dust mites and bacteria.

        For increased durability and luxury our bamboo sheets are woven in a twill weave pattern. No harmful chemicals in any of our products, guaranteed. 

      Twin Bamboo Sheet Set (Includes 1 Pillow Case):

      Pillow Cases- 20 X 32

      Fitted Sheet 39 x 75 x 16" Deep Pocket Enclosure

      Flat Sheet 66 x 96

      Twin XL Bamboo Sheet Set (Includes 1 Pillow Case):

      Pillow Cases- 20 X 32

      Fitted Sheet 39 x 80 x 16" Deep Pocket Enclosure

      Flat Sheet 66 x 96

      Double / Full Bamboo Sheet Set (Includes 2 Pillow Cases):

      Pillow Cases- 20 X 32 +4"

      Fitted Sheet- 54 X 75 X 16" Deep Pocket Enclosure

      Flat Sheet- 85 X 104 +4"

      Queen Bamboo Sheet Set (Includes 2 Pillow Cases):

      Pillow Cases- 20 X 32 +4"

      Fitted Sheet -60 X 80 X 16" Deep Pocket Enclosure

      Flat Sheet- 96 x 104 + 4"

      King Size Bamboo Sheet Set (Includes 2 Pillow Cases):

      Pillow Cases- 20 x 40 + 4" 

      Fitted Sheet- 78 x 80 x 16" Deep Pocket Enclosure

      Flat Sheet - 114 x 108 +4"

      Bamboo Bedding FAQs

      What is the difference between bamboo lyocell, viscose, and rayon?

      First of all, we must acknowledge that bamboo lyocell and rayon are made from the cellulose of plants and undergo several chemical processes. At the same time, viscose is a type of rayon made from bamboo viscose. Secondly, bamboo rayon is highly absorbent and easy to dye while bamboo viscose looks like silk and feels like cotton. Yet bamboo lyocell is both soft and smooth and they are highly similar looking to the actual bamboo. Both rayon and viscose are manufactured in approximately the same process involving different chemicals, yet they differ in materials used (cellulose and viscose, accordingly). While bamboo rayon can be made with bamboo grass cellulose, viscose is made from its pulp. Bamboo rayon is a more delicate product in comparison because it is made with caustic soda (sodium hydroxide). This will not be present in the end product. All three textiles are hypoallergenic, silky-soft and bacteria resistant.

      All three textiles (viscose, rayon and lyocell) are perfect materials to purchase for household items such as bedsheets, towels, mattress covers, blankets, and many others for the ultimate user experience.

      With the production of bamboo sheets, it is important to make sure your sheets are certified to be chemical free as the end product. Snoozy Monk Bamboo Sheets are certified Oeko-Tex, meaning the sheets we deliver will not have any harmful chemicals for your skin.

      Is bamboo softer than a cotton sheet?

      Now, if we have to be completely honest, the bamboo material reveals more benefits, in general, compared to the ones which are made out of cotton. While Pima and Egyptian cotton are of extraordinary quality, they are just two types to consider – they are far from being the mass-market kind of bed sheet.

      With this in mind, bamboo sheets are also far more environmentally friendly in comparison to their cotton counterparts which is something that you’d also want to consider.

      Do you offer free shipping in Canada?

      Of course! The Snoozy Monk provides free shipping across Canada. No matter the size of the item, your bedding set or duvet cover set will be sent to you with free shipping so you can sleep easy with some savings in your pocket.

      What is the best fabric for people with allergies?

      Bamboo fabrics has an extremely soft texture that is naturally soothing to your skin, but it also possesses high breathability thanks to its organic fibres. This high level of breathability is a definite bonus to those who live in humid climates or just sleep hot on a nightly basis. The breathability found in bamboo sheets ensures that your body heat will not be trapped in the bedding with you and allows you to enjoy a moisture-free sleep and wake rested for the day ahead.

      Bamboo is also a plant material that is naturally moisture-resistant, which leads many people to call these sheets hypoallergenic. If moisture cannot be trapped in the sheets with you, then bacteria or parasites have a harder time to form and develop. A lack of bacteria and parasites will automatically help with a healthy lifestyle, as respiratory problems or skin conditions are not irritated by your bedsheets.

      Shipping & Returns

      Free Shipping in Canada (we ship from within Canada!

      For Shipping to the U.S.A, shipping is $15 CAD flat.

      60-day trial period from when the set arrives for every customer wanting to try bamboo bedding for the first time. Free returns during the trial period.

      We strive to ship same business day from our Toronto facility (if order is placed before 4PM EST).

      Estimated Shipping Times for Canada*

      Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa and South West Ontario- 1-3 Business Days

      Ontario- 1-4 Business Days

      Urban Québec- 1-4 Business Days

      Rural Québec- 2-6 Business Days

      Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan- 2-6 Business Days

      British Columbia- 3-7 Business Days

      Atlantic Canada- 3-7 Business Days

      Territories- 4-7 Business Days

      *The shipping times are estimates based on past shipping data and are not guarantees. There may be delays subject to courier or weather conditions. Remote communities may take longer for delivery.

      Canadian Woman Sleep on Bamboo Bed Sheets

      Cooling and Moisture Wicking

      Snoozy Monk Sheets are made with 100% Rayon Bamboo that wicks away moisture and heat, allowing you to keep cooler as you sleep. Perfect for those hot sleepers.

      A Canadian using Snoozy Monk Bamboo Bed Sheets on a white bed

      So Insanely Soft, You Need to Touch It to Believe It.

      Our Bamboo fibers feel so much softer and cooler than cotton, polyester, or microfiber. It's like sleeping on a cloud.

      A Bamboo Forest Used to Farm For Bamboo Bed Sheets

      Bed Sheets That Are Sustainable and Responsible

      Bamboo is one of the fastest growing, renewable plants out there. With no need for chemical fertilizers or pesticides, rest easy knowing you picked an environmentally responsible bedding material. Snoozy Monk Bamboo Sheets are Oeko-Tex Certified for safety and quality standards. They are also meet the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) for both environmental production and ethical labor practices.

      Bamboo Bed Sheets in White, with a Blue background

      The Snoozy Monk Guarantee

      Still not sure you'll love them? All Snoozy Monk Bamboo Bedding comes with a 60 night trial policy. We also offer free shipping for Canadians!