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Tousled white bedsheets made from bamboo materials

When selecting the best bed sheets, many people just pick up low-cost sheets without a second thought. However, the underlying material a bed sheet is made of has a huge impact on sleep quality. 

For more expensive sheets, you may not get what you pay for. In general, spending over $300 will provide only marginal improvements, if any at all. Many times, these bedsheets are marked at a higher price to give an image of quality.

However, for cheap bedsheets (under $60) you absolutely get what you pay for. These tend to be made from microfibers or polyesters. Many polyesters can be blended with cotton, silk or even bamboo so the sheet set can be labeled as such. 

During our 30 years experience in the bedding industry, we've selected the below most important factors for a good and quality night's sleep. We also included other factors such as price and strength for quality considerations as well. We have included these factors when deciding why bamboo would be worthy for the Snoozy Monk name. 

Properties Microfiber or Polyester Cotton (Egyptian, Upland, Prima) Linen Silk Tencel Bamboo
Softness Very Low High Medium Very High High Very High
Moisture Absorption/ Temperature Regulating Very Low Medium Medium Medium Medium Very High
Strength/ Durability High Medium/ High High Medium/ High Medium/ High High
Cost Very Low Medium or High Medium Very High Medium Medium
Hypoallergenic Low Medium Medium Medium High Very High


Softness - Softness is a top factor when determining sheets. All sheets feel soft when touched in package, but for our consideration we were reviewing prolonged skin contact with sheets. When you are in bed, your skin or body is constantly moving and creating friction with the sheets. Lower quality materials will cause discomfort and itching, while top quality materials will set another level of comfort. 

Moisture Absorption/ Temperature Regulation - Ever feel like you can't sleep when you're feeling hot and stuffy under your sheets? That's because a main factor when dealing with a proper sleep is how cool or hot a person feels under a duvet or over a fitted sheet. A proper sheet material will have moisture absorption properties. This means the sheets will wick away sweat which will keep you dry during sleep. It also means your skin is able to breathe more, keeping you cool during those stuffy nights. 

Strength / Durability - Sheets should be a long term investment. You may find a comfortable set of sheets at a low price, but if you have to replace these every other month, the costs add up. Before long, you are paying more money replacing cheaper sheets that provide less quality of sleep anyways. Strength and durability can be determined by how many times a sheet can go in the wash before it starts developing rips, tears, or pilling. The actual weave of the sheets make a large difference in quality as well. This is why we have chosen a durable twill weave, combined with Bamboo Rayon, which is known to be one of the longest lasting bedding materials in the market.

Hypoallergenic - Hypoallergenic bedding comes from the natural properties of the materials they are made from. These are less prone to aggravate allergies, especially related to sneezing or itching. This is important for comfort during a good night's sleep. Specifically for bedding, any bedding that is anti-microbial, resists mold, and resists dust mites will be considered more hypoallergenic. Bamboo and organic cotton are both top picks for hypoallergenic properties.

Check to see which Snoozy Monk Bedding works for you.