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So, you've been considering making the switch to bamboo bed sheets for some time, but you're worried that the new material could cause an allergic reaction. It's a fair question, especially for allergy sufferers or if you're someone whose skin is sensitive.

Well, the short answer is this: our bamboo rayon sheets are hypoallergenic and are perfect for people with allergies. But, if you're still a little wary about making the switch from traditional cotton or linen sheets to bamboo, let's break down what makes bamboo bed sheets so great and look at some pros and cons.

What Are Bamboo Bed Sheets?

To state it simply, bamboo bed sets are made up of bamboo fabrics instead of traditional cotton, linen, or silk fabric. The fibres come from the cellulose of the bamboo plant and are used to create a cloth material that is soft to the touch. Our bamboo sheets are produced at a 300 thread count for durability and breathability.

Our bamboo bedding comes in a variety of fabrics and styles that can fit all of your sleeping needs and all of your beds.

Some of the common types of bamboo fibre that are used to make bamboo sheets include:

  • Bamboo Rayon or Bamboo Viscose
  • Bamboo Lyocell
  • Bamboo Linen

While these fibres offer different benefits, one thing remains the same: they are sustainable and hypoallergenic. For example, while the bamboo linen sheets are not wrinkle-resistant, they are great for those who are particularly hot when they sleep as they keep you cool at night.

Pros and Cons of Bamboo Sheets

Pros: Why You'll Love Bamboo Sheets

There are plenty of reasons why bamboo sheets are amazing. To state a few, our 100% bamboo sheets are:

  • Naturally hypoallergenic
  • Long-lasting
  • Eco-friendly
  • Super soft to the touch
  • Thermo-regulating
  • Anti-bacterial

Now, in order to really win you over as you consider transitioning to bamboo bed sheets, let's dive into each of these benefits a little bit more.

Naturally Hypoallergenic

As we've already said, our bamboo sheets are perfect for people with sensitive skin or who are prone to allergies. Because of the different bamboo fibres, like bamboo rayon or bamboo lyocell, that are used to create these fabrics, our sheets naturally resistant to dust mites and other allergens. Because our sheets are hypoallergenic, you can trust that your sleep will be comfortable and free from any rashes or allergic reactions.

Resilient and Long-lasting

Snoozy Monk's bamboo bed sheets are inches thick and made of strong, resilient fabrics. This means that our products have a longer life expectancy - up to 15 years. Especially if you treat the sheets properly, your sheets can last longer than traditional cotton bed sheets. For example, when you use bamboo sheets, you have to make sure to soak them in warm water and then wash them in cold water. This process can increase the life span and durability of the bedding while also keeping them fresh and clean.

Environmentally Friendly

Not only are bamboo bed sheets hypoallergenic and resilient, but they are also eco-friendly. The production process included in creating the sheets and bedding uses natural resources and 100% sustainable materials. Our goal is that you enjoy your bed sheet set without hurting the environment around you. This compares to traditional cotton sheets that use a chemical process to manufacture sheets.

Along with this, our bamboo sheets are completely chemical-free and we are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. This means that our sheets are not made with any harmful chemicals that could hurt anyone that uses them.

Incredibly Soft

Next up, you will be blown away by our silky-soft bed sheets. The bamboo fabrics that are used in our bed sheets are soft to the touch and will help you have a great night's sleep. You'll feel right at home in your bamboo bedding and fall in love during your 60 night trial period.


Hot sleepers know how hard it is to sleep when your sheets are too warm or get damp from sweat.

Bamboo bedding is the ideal sheet set for hot sleepers because Snoozy Monk bamboo bed sheets are thermo-regulating. While traditional cotton sheets soak in body sweat and moisture during the night, bamboo bed sheets are made up of moisture-wicking materials that wick away the body heat so that you stay cool and comfortable. This means that you can sleep soundly even on the warmest nights.


Finally, one last advantage of switching over to bamboo bedding is that the sheets are anti-bacterial. As we've just mentioned, our sheets wick away the body heat and moisture so that you can sleep better. Because the sheets do not absorb the moisture, they also do not absorb the bacteria that come with high-moisture environments. This means that your skin and immune system will thank you for having a fitted sheet or a flat sheet that is made of bamboo fabric.

Cons: Some Minor Drawbacks

Now that we have looked at the advantages of a set of sheets made of bamboo fabric, there are some drawbacks to consider as well before you make the switch.

As we've previously mentioned, some of the fibres used to create bamboo bedding are prone to wrinkles. This could mean that your mattresses won't look as sleek as they might with traditional cotton sheets. However, to combat this drawback, we recommend that you iron your sheets after each wash so the fabric looks good as new again.

Another potential drawback is that bamboo sheets can be a bit more expensive than some cotton sheets. That being said, we ensure that the price you pay for the sheets matches the quality you receive. Often, when you purchase inexpensive bedding, you get what you pay for. Where some companies may offer a cheaper version of blended bamboo sheets, the advantages are not the same. This is why, at Snoozy Monk, we want to offer you the best 100% bamboo sheets at prices that fit the quality you will receive.

Products We Offer

After hearing about the pros and cons of bamboo bedding, we're sure you're ready to make the switch and hear about the various products we offer at Snoozy Monk.

Our bamboo sheet sets come in double and full queen king sizes while our duvet cover sets come in queen and king sizes. These products come in a variety of bamboo fibre materials and are offered in white and cream colours. This variety means that we can suit all of your bedding needs and that can give you a great night's sleep.

Learn More

You can learn more about our bedding products and look at some frequently asked questions by visiting our FAQ page.

At the end of the day, we want you to have the best night's sleep with your new bamboo sheets. That is why at Snoozy Monk, we use materials that are hypoallergenic, incredibly soft, and 100% sustainable. All of these things can help anyone have a comfortable, deep sleep that will leave you wondering why you didn't make the switch sooner.

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