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Your Bedding Has A Direct Impact On The Quality Of Your Sleep

When discussing beauty sleep, people don't realize just how directly linked bedding is to the quality of their slumber. It's important to choose bed sheets that are conducive to a good night's rest. But with so many options on the market and multiple factors to consider, it seems almost impossible to determine which fabrics will help you go to sleep and stay asleep.

A stack of neatly folded white bamboo rayon bedsheets
How To Choose Between Cotton & Bamboo: You deserve good quality rest, and you also deserve the information and knowledge on how to choose sheets that are right for you. Here we are going to thoroughly compare two of the most popular bedding types - bamboo bed sheets and Egyptian cotton bed sheets. This bamboo vs cotton comparison will allow you to make sure you're choosing the right bedding for your needs.

What Are Bamboo Bed Sheets?

Many types of bamboo sheets have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason! Approximately named, these sheets are made of rayon fabric, which is derived from bamboo fibres, and are known to be environmentally friendly, naturally hypoallergenic, and incredibly soft. In the manufacturing process of bamboo bedding, the long and thin fibres of the plant are spun and woven together which increases the overall softness and durability. Bamboo fibre has many benefits related to better rest and slumber and can provide people with the comfort they need.

The feel of bamboo sheets is silky soft, but it doesn't require high thread counts to achieve this. The production and overall maintenance of bamboo fabric make it more breathable and eco-friendly.

What Are Egyptian Cotton Sheets?

Unlike a bamboo sheet, Egyptian cotton relies on high thread counts for quality. Egyptian cotton is handpicked from plants and is then produced into long threads with the smallest diameter. The thin yarn allows manufacturers to create cotton sheets with a high thread count, which is the standard factor to consider when purchasing this particular fabric. Cotton sheets may be regular cotton or high-end and depending on particular fabrics and their elements, you may or may not feel like you're sleeping on sleeping on a cloud. For reference, the Egyptian fabric is more soft and luxurious than its other cotton counterparts.

The feel of cotton sheets is smooth and crisp, but softness is often determined by the types of cotton fabrics used in the bedding and the thread count.

Woman stretching after getting out of bamboo bed sheet

The Benefits Of Bamboo Bedding

Organic bamboo sheets are known to have a lot of positive qualities. In addition to being environmentally friendly and antibacterial, some of the other benefits of bamboo bed sheets include:

Temperature Regulation

Bamboo bed sheets keep your body at the perfect temperature all night long. This is especially helpful if you suffer from hot flashes as it reduces humidity in the bed by 50%. One of the main benefits of bed sheets made from bamboo is that the fabric will ensure you stay cool and comfortable.

Moisture Wicking Properties

Four times more absorbent than cotton sheets, bamboo bedding will pull moisture away from you into the fibres of your sheets. It keeps skin cool and dry by wicking away moisture and helping you to retain a natural body temperature. The moisture then rises to the surface of your sheets and evaporates.

Resistance Of Dust Mites, Mold And Mildew

By reducing the amount of moisture in the bed, organic bamboo sheets minimize allergies. Dust mites thrive in synthetic and down materials that retain moisture, which is why bamboo is uninhabitable for the creatures. Allergy sufferers often experience restless nights due to irritating symptoms, which this material helps to eliminate.

Long-Lasting And Easy To Maintain

One of the best factors of bamboo bed sheets is the easy maintenance and longevity of the product. Bamboo linen can be machine washed and is allowed to tumble dry. Your set can also last up to 15 years if properly cared for.

Super Soft And Perfect For Sensitive Skin

With its natural elements, a sheet made from bamboo fibre has a silky feel but without the slipperiness of real silk. The material is also best for those who have sensitive skin because the linen works to provide ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Close up of bamboo bedsheets in front of fairy lights

The Benefits Of Cotton Sheets

Cotton bedsheets have been a staple in everyone's home for centuries. While the desire for higher quality material has increased, people still appreciate the variety of price points available when it comes to this sheet set. In addition to price, some of the benefits of cotton sheets include:

  • Like bamboo, cotton is a very breathable material
  • Cotton sheets are very low maintenance, and can be bleached, machine washed and tumble dried
  • Cotton is also naturally hypoallergenic like bamboo bed sheets and has a limited association with any allergies. This means that it is;t known to cause any irritation or itchiness.

Bamboo Vs Cotton

Let's take a look at the following aspects and how both cotton and bamboo sheets measure up.

Durability: Undoubtedly, bamboo bed sheets are more durable than cotton sheets. While cotton bed sheets can last up to a maximum of 5 years, bamboo bedding will last a whole decade longer for a total of 15 years!

Health: While both bed sheets are naturally hypoallergic, bamboo bedding has even more to offer. The material also has antibacterial properties to ensure that mites, fungus and mildew don't accumulate due to sweat and body fluids.

Feel: One main reason why many people use bamboo bedsheets is because of the silky and softer texture. However, in order for cotton to have the same feeling, it may require a person to purchase a more expensive thread count. Bamboo doesn't rely on this aspect for its naturally soft texture.

Price: Cotton bedding can be lower in price than bamboo, but the longevity simply isn't there. Bamboo is actually more cost-efficient as the bedding lasts longer and is an overall better investment.

Maintenance: Both cotton and bamboo are low maintenance to use. However, the benefits of bamboo bedding far outweigh the few benefits of cotton.


So Which Bedding Should You Choose?

Bamboo and cotton each have their own use and qualities. However, based on the comparisons on bed sheets, bamboo sheets undoubtedly has a lot more to offer in terms of quality rest and longevity. If you are searching for one of the best sets of bamboo sheets on the market, look no further than Snoozy Monk. These premium quality bamboo bed sheets are sustainably sourced and made from 100% bamboo rayon. Good quality sleep isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. So be sure to invest in your comfort and ensure you have a better night's rest for years to come.

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