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Who doesn't love bundling up in your bed with a hot chocolate after a long, cold day? The fall weather is pretty much behind us and we are in the midst of preparing for the long, cold winter ahead of us. Staying warm throughout the night is a must in order to sleep well and be comfortable.

One of the ways that you can get ready for those chilly nights is by switching out your light bedding for something a little warmer. While you might want lightweight and breezy sheets in the summer, the winter is a different story.

Staying comfortable and warm in your bed overnight will help you sleep better through those cold winter nights (especially here in Canada!). Even sweaty sleepers who prefer it a bit chilly need to stay comfortable through cold weather. While many people assume that winter flannel bed sheets or traditional cotton sheets are the only options out there, they're quite mistaken.

If you're looking for a set of the best sheets for winter, look no further! Bamboo sheets are a great option for a variety of reasons, but especially because of the winter warmth they provide.

Temperature Regulation

Whether you need more blankets throughout the night or need to take off a layer, managing the temperature of your body throughout the night is key.

One of the biggest benefits of bamboo sheets is their thermoregulating properties. Whether you usually overheat in bed or struggle to stay warm, bamboo bed sheets can help you out. While cotton, fleece, and flannel sheets tend to be very popular, they also tend to trap moisture rather than wick it away. This leads to a stuffy, sweaty sleeping environment.

On the other hand, bamboo fibres naturally allow for your body temperature to be regulated and they have moisture-wicking properties which create a breathable fabric that keeps moisture out of the sheets. Bamboo fabric absorbs moisture and then transfers outside the sheet, creating a breathable set of sheets. This creates a comfortable and optimal temperature for a good night's sleep.

Most bamboo sheets have insulating qualities that adjust to your body temperature and keep you comfortable. Bamboo fabrics will keep your body warm without the excess sweat that comes with cotton, fleece, and other sheets.

For naturally hot sleepers, you should be happy to hear that bamboo sheets are also very breathable. So, if you don't want your body heat keeping you too warm during the night, you can sleep tight knowing you won't overheat.

Bamboo Vs. Cotton/Flannel Sheets

If you're torn between going for the traditional cotton and fleece sheets or the bamboo sheets for winter, you may be wondering what are some of the other differences.

Cotton & Flannel Sheets

Organic cotton sheets are a reliable and timeless choice of bedsheets. Flannel bed sheets are also a very popular choice among sleepers, especially during the winter. Flannel and cotton sheets absorb sweat and are breathable, allowing you to stay cool and dry all night. Egyptian cotton fabric has a high thread count and is a more durable and softer version of these traditional sheets, but their price tag is also quite a bit higher.

Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo fabric also absorbs sweat and wicks sweat away, but they are also up to 40% more absorbent than cotton sheet sets. This means you'll stay dryer and warmer throughout those cold nights. Another reason to choose a sheet set made of organic bamboo linen is that they are eco-friendly, so you can feel good about purchasing a product that is not causing harm to the environment.

Other Benefits Of A Bamboo Sheet Set

If you're looking for some winter bed sheets that check all the boxes, you'll be blown away by all the benefits that bamboo fabric has.

Soft To The Touch

As soon as you get into bed with your new bamboo sheets, you'll realize that the sheets are incredibly soft - probably the softest sheets you've ever felt. Some cotton and flannel sheets often have a scratchy feel to them that can be uncomfortable to sleep in. While they may be warm, they aren't soft to the touch and nice to wrap yourself up in.

Bamboo linen, however, is both warm and soft, creating the perfect storm for staying warm in the coldest of weather.


Along with being thermoregulating and moisture absorbing, organic bamboo bedding is also naturally hypoallergenic. This means dust mites and other bacteria won't be able to thrive in these sheets, leading to a cleaner and healthier sleep.

Bamboo fibres also make the perfect sheets for sleepers with allergies and sensitive skin. These sheets and duvet covers won't irritate your skin, making them the ideal winter sheets.

Durable & Easy To Maintain

Once you put your bamboo bed sheet on your bed, you may never want to take it off. However, even the softest and warmest sheets need to be cleaned. Good thing bamboo sheets are machine washable and easy to maintain. When they're ready to be washed, just throw them in your washing machine and clean with cold water, and you'll be amazed at how soft the sheets stay.

Go Bamboo!

Your natural hypoallergenic and breathable sheets will last you many Canadian winters to come when you care for them properly. Not only will they keep your bed warm, they'll keep you warm and happy as well!

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